5 gedachtes over “International Dinner

  1. Hilde Wouters zegt:

    Bij ons is dat ‘gewonnen brood’, maar ze zien er geslaagd uit!
    Proficiat aan Evy, ge kunt er zelf niet aan doen dat ge gewonnen hebt! 🙂


    • Sacramento, California ins quotes zegt:

      You left your best paragraph out of the post, Steve:”Why don’t the voters turn the rascals out? Because no one ethnic group can afford to unilaterally disarm in the struggle for government boodle. Your racial leaders may be pocketing much of what they get in your name, but without their connections and time-tested stratagems, your group would be completely despoiled by the other groups’ veteran politicians.”


    • immobilienfinanzierung zegt:

      EXCELLENT!!!I wonder what all defines the difference between “the friend zone” and what comes to mind when we think of (abstinent people) dating…Intentions of the heart?Touching?Topics of conversation?You mentioned expectations…Exclusivity?Activities enjoyed and settings?Wheels turning… Still processing this…But no pondering necessary to see and say that it’s excellent!!!


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